New Direction Church International


New Direction Community Development Corporation

Learn more about how the New Direction Community Development Corporation is fighting hunger, illiteracy, child abuse, and human suffering at 

Joyful Noise

Praise & Worship

Joyful Noise is our emerging praise and worship group. Praise and worship sets the tone and atmosphere so thatthe presence of the Lord can fill the sanctuary. We embrace vibrant, spirit-filled worship here at New Direction Church International. We invite you to participate with our praise and worship teamas the give God glory for his many wonderful blessings. 

Christian Leaders Alliance

NDC Christian Leadership Training 

CLA Ministerial Alliance is where 'molding' for church clergy and leadership happens. We've partnered with CLA to give our leaders the best experience possible. Proper biblical exegesis is critical to teaching truth. Integrity and character are necessary for a successful journey as a Christian leader. Our ministerial & leadership alliance provides individuals who are seeking to be great leaders, obtain licensure and ordination, or get academic level training and guidance to theology and biblical interpretation.  Join us for a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding experience. To learn more about Christian Leaders Alliance visit

Kingdom Builders

Bringing Entrepreneurs & Kingdom Together

Kingdom Builders is a ministry that bridges the communication and relationship gap between entrepreneurs and church leaders. The ministry teaches entrepreneurs that wealth is designed to be a tool to 'build' the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Builders is a vehicle that demonstrates business professional are called in the Kingdom as such-business professionals without exchanging their gift for church titles. Entrepreneurs use their business acumen in the Kingdom of God to aid in church causes and fund the "End Time Harvest"...Join us for Kingdom Builders events, round-table discussions...


Outreach & Evangelism Ministry

Missions is our way of giving back. In Missions Ministry it's all about taking personal ownership of your life on a mission for Jesus Christ. Through Missions we share the love of Jesus in personal ways, through local outreach, and foreign missions. We train missionaries and provide outreach to Ethiopia and the U.S. Your daily routine can become a missionary assignment here and abroad... Join us for training, workshops, and ministryopportunities. GET MISSIONAL. GIVE BACK. MISSIONS.

Women of Destiny

Women Ministry

Women of Destiny represents our ministries efforts to encourage women to grace the stage of life as mother, wife, professional, nurturer, Servant, and more. We are women reflecting Christ and virtuous ladies in the Word who made a significant impact on others.Join us for book club, conferences, retreats, fellowships, and DESTINY...

Knights of the Kingdom

Men Ministry

God meet Gideon in a placing of hiding yet called him a Man of Valor. He then prepared Gideon to win a great battle for the Kingdom. Knights of the Kingdom call men to walk in 'valor'. We are men motivating one another to be spiritual, family, church, and community leaders for Christ. Join us for small group sessions, coaching &  mentoring, fellowships, networking, and much more. We want to help you become a Knight of the Kingdom! 

PowerHouse & Destiny Center

Youth, Teen & College Ministry

PowerHouse is our exciting and life-changing youth and college ministry. PowerHouse offers The Revolution to youth and teens as a discipleship and social life outlet with social events, evangelism and more. Destiny Church is our children and youth church ministry. It offers your child a chance to grow and learn the Word of God at their age level. We focus on learning, practicing, growing and of course fun activities as well as praise and worship.

Covenant Keepers

Family & Marriage Ministry

God established the family unit in Genesis. The Apostle Paul further strengthen the family dynamic in Ephesians 5. Covenant Keepers seeks to provide a wholesome, biblical approach to building the family unit. Join us in keeping the covenant of marriage and family alive through intimate dialogue, teaching, relationship building fellowships...

Core Ministries

Ministries are what make our efforts to share the love of Jesus Christ as a church community more successful. New Direction Church International strives to be relevant and sensitive to the needs of our congregation and community. Take some to review our ministry strength. It is our prayer that NDC offers ministries that help individuals and families grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.