New Direction Church International


Habakkuk 2:2-3

God has granted us a vision for the church model and we've purchased the land

Habakkuk 2:2-3 reads, "Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is for an appointed time. It will hasten towards the goal and it not fail. Though it tarries; wait for it. For it will certainly come; it will not delay. 


The vision of New Direction Church International is to strive to become a church plant organization with a life-changing local and global presence. Keeping in line with Matthew 28, we intend to raise up disciples who will invest the gifts and anointing from God to advance the Kingdom of God around the globe. In doing so, we will plant churches in the United States and abroad. Furthermore, we will teach and train leaders in the areas of servant leadership, ministry excellence, and personal character and integrity.


In light of our passion for soul winning, we seek to establish a local presence through market level evangelism, community evangelism, and discipleship. We will also build churches that restore hope to pastors and community leaders in foreign countries. These churches will provide resources, renewal, and training for local leaders and families.  

The New Direction Church International's 10 year vision for our first Worship Center is a $1 million project and will be strategically implemented in phases. Phase 1 is to acquire the land and dedicate it to the Lord God Almighty.This was completed in 2014. 

Phase II is to construct a 300 seat main sanctuary with offices, classrooms, and fellowship hall.

Phase III is to expand to a 600 seat sanctuary as well as a youth worship area. Phase IV is to construct a youth academy and recreation center. Our final phase is to establish the Smyrna location as the headquarters as well continue planting churches locally and globally.


iamChurch, a trademark of New Direction Church International is our internet church plant model. iamChurch allows individuals and families to join New Direction "anywhere" they reside through our internet portal. iamChurch doesn't stop there! Wherever there are twenty-five New Direction iamChurch members New Direction will plant a satellite/house church in that geographical area. This furthers our mission of planting churches and disciple leaders for Christ. Learn more about becoming a New Direction iamChurch Ambassador. Click below...

How can you help bring this vision to pass? 

1. ​Pray for God's guidance and our ability to hear Him in bringing the vision to pass

2. Pay us a visit at any of our services

3. Pray if New Direction is the family and ministry that God is calling you to join

4. Sow your best love gift in helping the Lord's plan through New Direction Church International

Our Vision "Planting Churches Around the Globe"